It’s Just Me

Over the past 10 years ( or more now) I have done a series of columns organized around the theme of “Pondering.” When our family moved to Eugene, Oregon, I had sent out via email a column entitled “Pondering from the Pacific.” However, when I started writing columns on websites, I discontinued any sort of emailed newsletters and columns.

Fast forward some 6 or 7 years, which have included a monthly and then bi-monthly column, as well as contributing to the blog “A Simple Desire.” But I slowly came to realize that I was writing with only “half a voice.” That is, I am only writing about one aspect of my life (spirituality) and focus solely on scripture – which is not such a bad thing. But it does not capture all of who I am and everything that I “ponder” about. So, I thought, maybe it is time to find an additional outline for myself. And because I am loath to let a good title go to waste, I decided to re-use the one I first developed when we moved to the west coast, which resulted in being only a scant hour from the coast. When I first started this blog, I did not write daily, but more as inspiration hits. And as time permitted. It was a very eclectic blend, but then that’s me!

Early in 2017 I realized that maintaining two blogs was getting to be a bigger challenge than I wanted. And I felt the time had come to combine my writing efforts instead of splitting them. I also realized that my writing “voice” had expanded in range, and that wherever I wrote and whatever I wrote, it was all me! And it became clearer, after time in thought and prayer, that moving my reflections on scripture to this blog was the best solution.

In a series of careful movements and plenty of instruction and heads up, I transitioned from writing on two blog sites to one. Here you will find everything I have written from Advent in 2014 to the present. On the other site, “A Simple Desire” you will find all of the posts since that blog started in 2007 up to the point I made the final move here.  The same content that was on “A Simple Desire” is now posted here as well. While it may have a more “scriptural” feel, it does not mean I am any less eclectic! Look for a blending of the two, and do not be surprised at what pops up! And, as always, shalom!

One thought on “It’s Just Me

  1. Just wanted to let you know that I’ve nominated you for the Liebster Award!
    Please check out my blog as well if you get a chance!

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