Pragmatism, Theology, & Relatively Minor Miracles!

When I got my “little” idea to focus on  just one blog for posting scripture from the Revised Common Lectionary & reflections on those scriptures, and any other comments and reflections I wanted to make .  .  .  .  I started to think through what arrangements that might include. And before I realized it, the complications got even more complicated. Because .  .  .  .  I got another “little” idea that it would be nice to have years 2015 to 2017 on the blog that I was moving to exclusively. I did not realize what the pragmatic side would look like for that little idea that became a major concern. I quickly found myself knee and neck deep in working with WordPress and the set up of their website. Slowly by slowly I started to figure out what needed to be done. And then started thinking about how to “elegantly” announce it and accommodate it. The best I think I can do is feign to wave a magic wand and suddenly have the postings from one blog appear on another, although in actuality it will be WordPress that makes them appear. I shudder and shake at the thought that I am at the whims and mercy of computer and technological timing. Not exactly the theologically based timing I had hoped for.

It reminds me, in an off-beat sort of way, the timing of Jesus’ ministry on earth. Just bear with me and listen. God called Abraham out of Ur and set him on the road to be the father of a nation. Then the task was given to Isaac who had two sons; one who would continue the building of a nation, and one whose family would sort of fill in with background; much the same as Isaac’s half brother did. From Isaac came Jacob who had a large family of boys, one of who, Joseph moved the whole scene to Egypt. From there Moses picked up the threads of God’s people and moved them to Canaan, where they were supposed to have been. Once there Saul and David were the next big names. And from David came a long line of kings, good and bad, until the Israelites and Judahites found themselves conquered and re-conquered until they were a footnote in Rome’s list of conquests. Then came Jesus. And he was not what was expected by anyone!

So if my simple idea took twists and turns that I could not foresee, predict, or prepare for  .  .  .  I should not feel so bad.

I had thought at first to make the move from posting on “A Simple Desire” to this blog, “Pondering From the Pacific”, at the time of Advent or the beginning of 2018 as the very last fresh entry to “ASD” as the acronym is know. Then I thought, maybe at the beginning of Advent. Then I was not really sure when what is going to happen. In fact, even the timing of when this post will appear was very dependent on when the Revised Common Lectionary posts I moved from a “A Simple Desire” will start to appear. While it may have had the appearance of being very random and unpredictable .  .  .  . the reality was that I had placed it in God’s hands. And in doing that, I was at peace. But you can imagine my astonishment when I realized that the first two months of postings (January & February 2015) were already transferred over! You can find them in the archival listing of months and years. To me, it is a miracle because I struggled in trying to get the transferring of them correct!

It is my most fervent hope that all of the readers from “A Simple Desire” will find their way to over to my other blog. I will try to give additional signs, messages, and guideposts as best I can, in accordance to the movement of the Spirit. Selah!

One thought on “Pragmatism, Theology, & Relatively Minor Miracles!

  1. […] amount of luck, the arrangements have been working out very well. I chronicled that in the post Pragmatism, Theology, and Relatively Minor Miracles! . I wrote and posted that July 30th. I imagine that will serve as unofficial notice of the move. I […]

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