Not having much to say

I am conscious of the passage of time, and my lack of posting. I keeps telling myself that I should post SOMETHING! But I am not sure what to say. And I have to wonder if that means I do not have anything to say.

I read about things in the newspaper or hear about things when I watch television (which is really quite infrequently), and I think “I should write something about that” but the moment passes and I do not. Or I will think of something, prompted by I am not sure what, and think “i should write about that” but it is not a convenient time and the moment is lost. Maybe I am “too busy” to write, or simply have not taken the time to sit down and write – which I am doing now. But this is “word doodling” and not really writing anything of substance, but once again writing about writing. That is easy to do!

Or maybe my writing is a result of not being “political” – that is, not being drawn into debate and conversation about the issues of the day. Days can go by and very little inserts itself into my circle of life other than family, friends, work, health and my writing on my other blog. That could be the culprit also – all my energy and time goes into my other blog and consequently this one gets short shrift. At some point there needs to be a reckoning and re-balancing. If so, that day is not here yet.

I had made the conscious decision NOT to write about my health anymore – it is not any better actually. I have found good support on the Facebook page dedicated to my health issue. And that has been a good place to process my health issues. Thinking about it, Facebook in general has been a good source of writing in a limited way and reaching out to people. That also may have tamed the fire in my soul that lead me to construct this WordPress blog in the first place.

I am beginning to see that my lack of writing could have a multitude of causes, some which interact and overlay others. And quite honestly having done a small study on why I have not been writing much, I feel better about it. And it has resulted in a posting, albeit a short one. I do have an idea about what else I can write on; but I am going to save that for the substance and content of my next post!


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