Why I Avoid “Politics” . . . And It’s All Politics!

The big fervor right now is “Duck Dynasty”‘s Phil Robertson and his separation from the A & E program. His remarks are being attributed to his faith beliefs. Those remarks are sort of a mixed bag of opinions on marriage, homosexuality versus heterosexuality and race. His remarks have angered some and received approval from others. And I am not about to comment on his remarks, and certainly not to give my opinion.  But what truly baffles me is why his remarks made from his own religious beliefs (or at least that is the rationale for him having these beliefs) have been shoved over to the issue of freedom of speech, which is a much more political concept than a religious one.

And that is why, gentle reader, I don’t do politics. But it seems that everything is political. Because, if his remarks were just taken as religious beliefs, why would A & E suspend him? And when did a person speaking about their  religious beliefs become an issue of “freedom of speech?” Because whenever that happened, religiosity stepped from being a faith issue to a political issue. It’s almost gotten to the point (or maybe it has gotten to and past the point) where anytime a person gives their opinion it is set and measured on the continuum of being liberal to conservative. And woe betide someone who is too much of one or not enough of the other to please those who have placed themselves in the set of judgment.

Sometimes I think I should just retire from the world, and not pay any attention to what is going on. There is enough sadness and sorrow in the world – more bad news than good news. And not enough joy, laughter and love. One astute commentator that I read (yes, I did find an oasis of sensibleness) remind his readers that this is a character on a “reality” show that was created for entertainment. You would think that something on television would be placed in the “inconsequential” category. But no, is riled up the political/religious (and don’t try to tell me they are NOT the same thing) left and right and everything in between. I do not think A & E knew what they stepped in, and Phil “Duck Dynasty” Robertson did not know what he started.

So it seems if I am going to avoid all things political, I better not read the newspaper, watch television, read a magazine or especially not log on to Facebook. That has got to be the most political place around! Of course, WordPress might be too political too! I wouldn’t be surprised.

And if you are wondering why I avoid all things political, it is because our world is no longer the open welcoming place that it was twenty or twenty-five years ago. It used to be that we accepted those who were different, and if they were too different we just let them be. Another article I read chastised and challenged the “live and let live” principle. I will in my own way mourn that loss.

Maybe I should not have said/written anything about this in the first place; who knows but I maybe fanning the very fervor I hope would pass by quietly. I would hate think I had just added to the “noise.” I think the best response to this posting might be to just read it and move on. Now that I have set down my thoughts on it, I think that is what I would like to do. Shalom!

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